Press Release

Bill Hancock Comments – Army-Navy

Comments by College Football Playoff (CFP) Executive Director Bill Hancock on Army-Navy and Pairings Announcement, November 10, 2015:

If the committee believes the result of the Army-Navy game could affect Army’s or Navy’s ranking and therefore its place in the playoff or its selection as the group of five representative, only the pairings that affect Army and Navy would be delayed until after the Army-Navy game.

Business as usual will take place on Sunday, December 6  – The committee will rank the teams 1-through-25 and will publicly issue those rankings on December 6 as usual.  Army and Navy will be ranked according to their performances to date.  If Army or Navy is not in contention for the playoff nor to be the “group of five” representative, the committee would announce all the bowl pairings.

Bowl pairings announcement December 6 – If Army or Navy is in contention to be the “group of five” representative, and not for the playoff, the committee would announce the following on December 6: (1) the top 25 rankings, (2) the semifinal pairings and bowl sites, (3) the pairing for one of the new year’s six bowl games—either Fiesta or Peach, and (4) one participant in the other new year’s six bowl game, holding the other spot in that game for the “group of five” representative.  If Army or Navy is in contention for the playoff, the committee would not announce any bowl pairings December 6.

Committee meeting Saturday, December 12, if necessary – If Army or Navy is in contention, the selection committee would convene by teleconference Saturday evening, December 12, after conclusion of the Army-Navy game. At that time it would determine if it is necessary to revise a segment of its December 6 rankings relative to Army or Navy and, if necessary, it would revise the rankings accordingly.  The committee plans to announce the results on ESPN Saturday night, December 12.