Press Release

C.L. Max Nikias to Chair College Football Playoff Board of Managers

IRVING, Texas – Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff (CFP), today announced that University of Southern California President, C. L. Max Nikias, has been named chairman of the College Football Playoff Board of Managers.  He succeeds University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor, Harvey Perlman, who will be retiring as chancellor of  the university this summer.

“Dr. Nikias has been instrumental in the development and growth of the College Football Playoff,” said Hancock.  “We appreciate his leadership and continued support.  He is highly respected by his fellow presidents and chancellors and he will be an excellent chair.

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank Harvey Perlman for the time and energy he has devoted to the playoff.  We have been fortunate to have been led by such talented people.”

Nikias will officially begin his term as chair February 1.

The Board of Managers governs the College Football Playoff business, property and affairs.  The board develops, reviews and approves annual budgets, policies and operating guidelines. It has authority over all aspects of the company’s operations.

The current members of the Board of Managers are as follows: