Purchase Parking Passes

The College Football Playoff strongly encourages fans with game tickets to purchase parking passes in advance to ease the traffic and parking experience. Parking passes are available at CFP.CLICKANDPARK.COM and are reserved for fans with game tickets only. Fans can purchase a hang tag for their vehicle or print-at-home passes.  MasterCard, Visa and American Express are all accepted. If you have questions about the website, please call 866-330-7275.  

All vehicles, including motorcycles, must have a valid parking pass to access the parking lots. A parking pass for all standard vehicles or motorcycles is $50 each and valid for one space only. If you are unable to purchase a parking pass prior to game day, there will be limited parking available surrounding the stadium (cash only; credit cards will not be accepted). Mobile tickets may also be available at CFP.CLICKANDPARK.COM.

Parking Pass Pick-Up

Parking passes can be shipped at time of purchase prior to December 27, 2016 or picked up at the stadium parking office at Steinbrenner Field Pavilion located at 1 Steinbrenner Dr., Tampa FL 33614. The parking center will be open between 8 a.m.–5 p.m., January 3-8, 2017. 

On game day, January 9, 2017, parking passes may be picked up beginning at 6 a.m. through halftime.

Game Day Parking Map

To view the game day parking map, please click here

Buses, RVs and Limos

If arriving by bus, RV or limousine, you must purchase a parking pass for game day:

Limousine parking is $125 each. Limos can park in the HCC Lot on the west side of the stadium. 

Bus and RV parking, located in Lot 14, is SOLD OUT. See list of overnight RV parking for additional options below.

Overnight RV Parking

RVs, buses and campers are not permitted to stay on any stadium property overnight. For a listing of campgrounds in the Tampa area, please visit


Taxis will stage at the Mass Transit location along Dale Mabry Hwy.

Parking Lot Guidelines

•Parking lots open at 11:30 a.m. 

•No vehicles will be admitted earlier. 

•A pass is required for every vehicle in the lots surrounding the stadium. 

•Lots close one hour after the game. 

•Vehicles monopolizing excess space or parked incorrectly are subject to tow. 

•No in-and-out privileges are allowed for any vehicle on game day and overnight parking at Raymond James Stadium is prohibited. 

•All fees associated with the removal and impounding of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the owner. 

•Fans are asked to TURN OFF GPS and follow the directions provided on the back of the passes and by the parking staff to park most efficiently. 

•Vehicles not parked in a location instructed by parking staff are subject to tow. 

•Fans who wish to park next to friends must arrive at the same time; spots cannot be held for fans arriving at a later time. 

•Golf carts, Segways, skateboards, scooters, and other non-licensed motorized vehicles are not permitted within the lots. 

•Portable public address systems are not permitted. 

•Political campaigning, picketing, or distributing handbills/pamphlets is prohibited; lots are patrolled by security staff and local law enforcement officers. 

•Parking is at your own risk and neither the College Football Playoff nor Raymond James Stadium is responsible for any damaged or stolen property.

Tailgating Guidelines

•Tailgating is permitted in the stadium parking lots with the exception of Al Lopez Park. 

•Tents over 10×10 without prior approval or proper permits are not permitted.

•Please respect fellow fans by only occupying one parking spot.

•Infringing on another guest’s tailgating area is prohibited.

•Tailgating should only take place directly behind each fan’s vehicle.  

•Saving of spaces is not permitted.  

•Blocking of other spaces, walkways or any aisles is not allowed.

•Please leave room in driveways for emergency response vehicles.

Disabled Parking and Services 

Vehicles must have a state-issued disabled hangtag or license plate to enter disabled parking areas located at Lots A and CW. Disabled parking spaces are first-come, first-served for those requesting disabled parking and are $50 each. Guests with disabilities may be dropped off at Lots A and B/C.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Area

Mass Transit is located on the north side of the stadium off N. Dale Mabry Highway next to the pedestrian bridge, which is designated for mass transit, non-disabled drop-off and taxi pick-up. Limos can drop off at the Mass Transit but will stage on southbound Himes Ave. between MLK Blvd. and Tampa Bay Blvd. for pick-up after the game.


Guests planning on taking Uber or Lyft to and from the national championship game will be dropped off at the Mass Transit hub near the pedestrian bridge and picked up at the Rideshare area at Steinbrenner Field, located northwest of Raymond James Stadium. Guests using Rideshare are encouraged to use the pedestrian bridge over Dale Mabry Hwy. to access Raymond James Stadium or Steinbrenner Field.

Automobile Assistance

For automobile assistance in the parking lots, call the Stadium Office at 813-350-6501. Please raise your car hood and/or notify an officer at any lot entrance.